1. The lessee acknowledges that the vehicle or vehicles he will rent are the property of either the lessor or third party owners and the lessee must declare that he receives the vehicle in good working order;
  2. If the lessee must fill up with gasoline, he must do so with the type of gasoline mentioned in the lease contract and, if not mentioned, with super unleaded gasoline with an octane number of 94;
  3. A penalty fee of $5,000.00 per day will apply for delays in the return of rented vehicles;
  4. At the time of signing this rental contract either with the lessor or with the third party owners, the lessee must provide a valid driver’s licence corresponding to the class of vehicle rented. The tenant must also provide proof of photo identification, acceptable to the landlord or third party owners, as well as proof of insurance of $;
  5. The lessee must be at least 25 years old at the time of renting a vehicle;
  6. The car may only be driven by the persons listed on this rental contract;
  7. The lessee shall be solely liable for any consequence, fine, penalty, damage, loss of profits, accident, claim, action, claim, suit, right of action, liability, statement of offence, seizure of vehicle and/or vehicle storage resulting from the rental contracts to be entered into, the use of the rented vehicle, its failure to comply with the terms of the member contract, as well as its failure to comply with any law or regulation in force;
  8. The lessee shall not use or permit the rented vehicle to be used by any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or other drugs;
  9. The lessee shall not use or allow anyone to use the rented vehicle if he is not physically or mentally able to use it;
  10. The lessee may only use the rented vehicle in the province of Quebec and may not use or move the vehicle outside the province of Quebec;
  11. The lessee may not, under any circumstances, modify the rented vehicle or the safety parameters of the said vehicle;
  12. The lessee undertakes to use the rented vehicle(s) as passenger vehicles and for personal and non-abusive purposes only;
  13. The following activities are strictly prohibited with the rented vehicle :
    1. Street or closed course racing
    2. Acceleration race on the street or on the track for this purpose
    3. Misuse of the vehicle
    4. Transport for remuneration
    5. Loan or lease of the vehicle to third parties
    6. Any other use not in accordance with this membership agreement and the rental agreement to be made
  14. The lessee must keep the rented vehicle protected from theft, damage, accident and/or seizure;
  15. 9376-4520 qc Inc, the landlord and third party owners are not responsible in any way for objects stolen from the vehicle rented by the tenant;
  16. In addition to the obligations provided for in this rental contract, the lessee undertakes to pay or reimburse the lessor or third party owners for the following costs:
    1. Contravention, fine (including photo radars)
    2. Statement of offence plus administrative costs
    3. Fees for the seizure or storage of the rented vehicle plus rental fees for the duration of the unavailability of the vehicle during the period of seizure or storage of the rented vehicle
    4. Rental costs for the entire duration of the unavailability of the rented vehicle with respect to any repairs resulting from the renter’s rental of the vehicle
  17. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol strictly prohibited inside the rented vehicle. All animals are forbidden too. A fee of $500.00 may be charged for the cleaning of the rented vehicle (s).
  18. The tenant undertakes not to allow anyone using or being located in
  19. The lessee acknowledges that the insurance policy of 9376-4520 qc inc, the lessor and third party owners provides for an insurance deductible that the lessee undertakes to reimburse the lessor of the leased vehicle for damage suffered as a result of an accident or abusive use of the vehicle, whether or not the lessee is responsible;
  20. The lessee undertakes to provide a security deposit of $10,000 to the lessor or third party landlords to be charged to a credit card of the lessee to cover insurance deductible costs, damage to the vehicle and non-compliance with the membership agreement or this rental agreement. The sum of $10,000 will be refundable within seven (7) days of the end of the rental period and subject to the tenant’s obligations and responsibilities under the membership agreement and this rental agreement; in the event of an accident, the tenant must pay $10,000 as a deduction from the insurance premium.
  21. The landlord and the third party owners undertake to reimburse the totality of the security deposit to the tenant if the condition of the vehicle is to the full satisfaction of the landlord and the third party owners and the tenant has not breached his obligations and commitments under the membership contract and this rental contract;
  22. Before and after each period of use, the lessee and the third party owners undertake to inspect the vehicle and to sign an inspection document between the lessee and the lessor or third party owners of the vehicle;
  23. A tire wear inspection measure will be carried out in the presence of the lessee and the lessor or third party owners. Abnormal wear and tear expenses (more than 1/32nd of tire wear during the rental period) will be charged to the lessee, at a rate of $750.00 per tire, excluding normal wear and tear based on the distance travelled with the vehicle;
  24. All rented vehicles will be equipped with a GPS and to the extent that a rented vehicle is found on a closed circuit race track or otherwise, the landlord reserves the right to claim a penalty of $10,000 from the tenant, subject to the claim for any damages and losses actually suffered by the landlord or the third party owner;
  25. The lessee is fully responsible for each vehicle he rents from the lessor or third party owners and this lease shall become effective upon signature by the lessee and the lessor and third party owners;
  26. In no event shall the landlord and 9376-4520 QC inc. be liable for any damage, fault or liability of the landlord, 9376 4520 qc inc or the third party owners under the membership agreement and/or under this rental agreement and the tenant waives any claim for any damage, prejudice, loss or inconvenience arising or that may result from it for any reason whatsoever;
  27. By accessing and browsing the site, the lessee accepts these terms and conditions and any conditions of use that may appear on the site
  28. The landlord reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and the conditions of use that may appear on the Platform at any time;
  29. The use of the Platform by the tenant, after changes in these terms and conditions, will confirm that the tenant agrees to be bound by the new terms and conditions of use;
  30. In the event that the Lessee fails to comply with its obligations, commitments and liabilities under the Membership Agreement or this Lease Agreement, the Lessor may, at its sole discretion, notify the Lessee that it immediately loses its membership status and in such event, the Lessee shall not be entitled to any refund of dues and the Lessor shall retain any dues paid and the Lessee waives any recourse, action, right of action, claim for damages or assessment claim against the Lessor for any reason whatsoever arising from the loss of its membership status;
  31. The tenant acknowledges having read the rental contract including all terms and conditions and the tenant declares himself fully satisfied with it
  32. The lessee undertakes that any rented vehicle ill not be on a runway, closed circuit racing or other.